What is within my POWER? - A2 Poster Print

  • We created this confidence-boosting poster to help you spark conversations and learning about what is within our power, and what is beyond our control. This knowledge can help us choose where best to focus our energy
  • This premium print can be purchased in colour or black and white format
  • Packed with easy-to-understand, fun facts and interesting pictures to discover
  • It's a great resource to use at home, in classrooms, or organised activities and sessions, whatever the weather
  • Comes with a free Ideas to Draw On® information and conversation starter guide




Printed on premium heavyweight paper

Please allow 3 to 5 working days for delivery

Suitable for ages 5-25 and beyond

Additional information


A2 Colour Print, A2 Black and White Print


A2 (Dimensions 42cm x 59.4cm)

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