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Our vision at Colourful Conversations is to empower children and young people with the knowledge and skills they need to develop emotional literacy and build mental health resilience. Sharing conversations with them about how they are feeling and what they can do to look after their wellbeing could improve their future for the better. 

Our mission is to help you start one colourful conversation today.

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Supporting us supports others too! We will donate 50% of our profits in 2021 to charities working to improve children and young people's mental health.
What people are saying
‘I really like the hormones poster, please make more!’
-Amaya, age 10-
'One of the best summaries of really complex info I’ve seen in ages. Simple enough for children but not dumbed-down at all. Creative and clever!'
-Emma, parent-
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If you feel the Government needs to do more to support young people with their mental health, take this survey. They want to hear your thoughts/ experiences. What you say will help them develop a ten-year plan for young people’s mental health.


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